Who Are We

The Clubman Tourers Motorcycle Club is a group of about 90 motorcyclists based all over Sydney, NSW and beyond.

We are a disparate group covering all ages, walks of life and sexes (with a healthy proportion of Clubwomen). "Variety" would sum us up in a word but we are united by a love of all kinds of riding and of spinning exaggerated stories about it later over a beer.

We are an informal club. We have a badge but it's not a "patch". We're happy to give advice but we don't give "orders". We're here to enjoy the riding and to encourage others to do the same. Most importantly, we are active!

If we had to categorise the riding we do the terms "touring" and "sport riding" would probably come up along with loud reminders not to forget the dirt-touring either. We do day runs, rallies, track days, long tours, short tours and all this on tar or dirt or both. There's a social aspect to the Club too. Apart from the monthly meetings to discuss past rides & plan coming ones, there are the parties, pubs, restaurant nights (and the gossip).

Our bikes range from P-plated 250s to chook-chasers to the latest sports machinery to aging hacks and, of course, touring bikes. Some are shiny, some are wrecks, some are loved, some are cursed but they all get used. They get us out there.