Great Southern Loop or Liz’s study freely day ride

Sun, 15 Jun 2014 08:00 to Mon, 16 Jun 2014 07:30

2 hour breakfasts, tea breaks, house discussions, afternoon…naps.  Apparently they don’t  focus the mind to aid study, they’re just distractions.  Whooda thunk.  So with Liz’s impending exams, and in the interests of marital bliss and academic over achievement, I’m being evicted for the day and for as long a day as possible.  I guess being told to go for a ride isn’t the worst rejection one could endure.

It’s one of the shortest days of the year and so the perfect day to jam in a nice long ride.  The plan is to do Macquarie Pass, Kangaroo Valley, Nerriga, Oallen Ford, Bungonia and Exeter.  That’s about 500km for the day.  I’d love to try and fit in Taralga-Oberon-Bells as well but the extra 100 odd kay may be a little much.  Let’s see how we go on the day and who turns up.  We will need to keep motoring.  The longest distance without fuel is 150km.  The last time I did the Oallen Ford Rd there was about 3km of dirt left - without an alternative.  We’ll lunch at Nerriga Pub, otherwise just fuel stops and regroups.  No 2 hour breakfasts, tea breaks, house discussions, afternoon…naps

Please contact us if you are interested in this event.